In order to redeem SkyPoint for awards, SkyJoy Members need to meet conditions for redemption as below:

(The content below is quoted from Section X. Redemption in “SkyJoy Frequent Flyer Program Terms and Conditions”)

  1. At the time of redemption, the account status of SkyJoy Member does not exhibit any abnormal activity, violations of program rules, terms, and conditions. Member accounts that are restricted, blocked, or terminated/closed by the program or by the Member will not be eligible for redemption.
  2. Member’s account have completed verification (eKYC) process successfully.
  3. The Member’s account must have enough minimum available SkyPoint balance that is eligible for redemption
    • In cases where a Member has a sufficient minimum available SkyPoint balance for redemption but encounters notifications/messages of insufficient redemption conditions or account restrictions, Member should follow following steps:
      • (1) If the account is not yet verified (eKYC), please complete the account verification process (learn more how to do eKYC here);
      • (2) If the Member’s account is in a restricted status, indicating abnormal activities or suspected fraud, the Member should contact the SkyJoy Customer Care Hotline for assistance:
        • Hotline: 1900 638 380
        • Email:

Figure 1: Some notifications of insufficient conditions for redemption on the SkyJoy app and the Vietjet flight redemption page


Figure 2: A SkyJoy member’s account in restricted state