💟 This Tet holiday season, breeze through the online world and enjoy additional perks: Starting February 1, 2024, when buying a MobiFone data package at, you will receive 1 SkyPoint for every transaction value of 10,000 VND.​

Step 1️⃣: Visit or open the SkyJoy app, select the “Data 4G/5G” section on the home page. ​

Step 2️⃣: Enter the phone number for the data package registration ​

Step 3️⃣: Select the desired data package​

Step 4️⃣: Complete the payment and receive SkyPoint ​

📲 SkyPoint will be credited to members with a phone number matching the registered data package phone number. Members can expect to receive points within 7 working days from a successful transaction.​

Once you have earned points, what gifts can you redeem them for?​

🔸 From 0 SkyPoints, redeem for flight tickets anywhere​

🔸 From 200 SkyPoints, redeem for vouchers from Phuc Long, Ashima, Manwah, Grab, Furama Resort Da Nang, and more​