Having a long-lasting friendship with Vietjet, traveling far and wide, but forgetting to earn SkyPoint for redemption?

Just select the ‘Retro claim’ feature in the SkyJoy app, and the SkyPoint earned from flights taken since December 24, 2022 will be added to your account!

Simple steps, follow now!


Provisions on Retro Claim

Any request for the ‘Retro claim’ feature must strictly adhere to the terms and conditions set forth by GalaxyJoy, as well as the terms and conditions of the Partners. The final decision to add points for any request lies with GalaxyJoy.

A request for the ‘Retro claim’ feature is applied:

− To all Members, including new Members joining the Program.

− To Members who have used Vietjet’s products and services but have not entered SkyJoy ID during the booking process or have not added their SkyJoy ID before flying.

− In cases where personal information of a Member is duplicate, resulting in the SkyJoy system’s failure to add points or addition of points to another Member.

− Apply in the case SkyJoy system adds lacking SkyPoints for members.

− Members may request for the ‘Retro claim’ feature via SkyJoy mobile Application after 24 hours from the time-of-flight completion. The regulations of ‘Retro claim’ feature only apply for the flight departing from 24 December 2022.

− Members can only accumulate points on their own tickets, products, and services.

− The ‘Retro claim’ feature does not apply to cases of entering the WRONG SkyJoy ID during the ticket booking process or entering the WRONG SkyJoy ID before flying.