Exciting New Year – Thousands of HOT gifts worth up to 2 billion VND are waiting for you. Join the game “Lac mai lay loc” on the SkyJoy app to receive immediately:

✴ Packages of up to 2,000,000 SkyPoints

✴ 19 Treasure X training packages from California Fitness & Yoga worth 30,000,000 VND/package

✴ Thousands of vouchers from Phuc Long, Katinat, Manwah, Innisfree, Vascara, iBasic, Kachi, Anh Coffee & Bistro,…

And many other heartwarming gifts. Shake the tree, receive amazing gifts every day!

Step 1: Access the SkyJoy app

Step 2: Click on the “Lac mai lay loc” banner on the homepage

Step 3: Shake your phone or press the “Shake now” button to get the prize

⏰ Only from February 5th to February 23rd, 2024

🙌 Available game turns based on membership level

🌟 Earn extra game turns through activities: check-in, share on social media, transactions with HDBank, earning points from Vietjet flights,…

📌 Program rules:


1. Program Name: “Lac mai lay loc” (Hereinafter referred to as the “Program”)

2. Promotion Period: From February 5, 2024, to February 23, 2024, or until the Program budget is exhausted, whichever comes first.

3. Promotion Area: Nationwide (applicable to SkyJoy members with accounts and device IPs logged in within the territory of Vietnam)

4. Customers eligible for the promotional program:

Scope of application:

– Applicable to all SkyJoy members who have successfully registered SkyJoy accounts and device IPs logged in within the territory of Vietnam.

– Membership account status: valid. The Program does not apply to SkyJoy members with restricted accounts. If a SkyJoy member’s account is restricted, indicating abnormal activities and suspicion of fraud, the member will not be eligible to participate in games and/or use received rewards.

5. Prize Structure:

– 19 packages of California Fitness & Yoga Center – Treasure X program valued at 30,000,000 VND per prize.

– 19 prizes of California Fitness & Yoga Center – HIPOXI program valued at 6,600,000 VND per prize.

– SkyPoint: Thousands of SkyPoint packages valued at 99 points/68 points/36 points

– 2,375 Vascara vouchers valued at 150,000 VND per voucher.

– Hundreds of vouchers for use at various branches of California Fitness & Yoga Center – Vouchers for 50 credit points, Vita program, 30-day Yoga program, etc.

– And hundreds of UrBox vouchers: shopping, using services with discounts of up to 40% at brands like iBasic, SHINKO, Anh Coffee, Kachi, Airbike, Yakson Beauty…

6. Detailed Content of the Promotion Program Terms:

6.1 Detailed Content of the Promotion Program Terms:

During the promotion period from February 5, 2024, to February 23, 2024, each day, SkyJoy members will receive lucky turns in the Game “Lac mai lay loc”, corresponding to their membership level. Members can also complete tasks to earn additional turns as described in section 6.3 below (hereinafter called “turns”). After receiving the turns, members participate in the “Lac mai lay loc” program within the SkyJoy application.

6.2 Participation Process and Turns:

To participate in the program, members follow these steps:

Step 1: Log in to the SkyJoy application and access the game by clicking on the game banners on the application’s home page.

Step 2: Click on the “Shake” button or shake the phone to play the game and receive valuable prizes or lucky Tet wishes.

Note: Members allow the SkyJoy application to access the phone’s motion sensor to play the game.

SkyJoy members will have a daily number of turns corresponding to their membership level

Membership Level on the SkyJoy Application  Number of available turns per day 
Red    1   
Silver    2   
Gold    3   
Diamond    4   


6.3 Tasks to Earn Game Turns:    

Task  Turns Earned  Maximum Times/Day 
Daily check-in on the SkyJoy app or Loyalty feature on HDBank app 1  1 
Share information about the “Lac mai lay loc” program on Facebook  1  5 
Purchase SkyPoint packages on the SkyJoy app  2  5 
Members complete a Vietjet flight and earn points during the program  10  2 
Customers activate HDBank Loyalty membership for the first time and activate SkyJoy membership during the program  2  1 
HDBank Loyalty members redeem vouchers with points from 1,000 SkyPoints or more  1  5 


– Members will receive turns to play the game from 1-5 minutes after completing the task.

– Except for the task “Members complete a Vietjet flight and earn points during the program,” members will receive game turns after completing the entry of the SkyJoy ID when finishing their Vietjet flight (earned automatically if members enter the SkyJoy ID during booking before the flight or successfully complete the retro-claim feature).

6.4 Regulations on Prize Identification:

– The prize-winning member is a member with a valid account participating in the “Lac mai lay loc” game.

– E-voucher prizes: The prize will be announced within 5 minutes from the moment the customer clicks the “Shake” button or shakes their mobile phone.

– SkyPoint prizes: The company will directly add points to the SkyJoy member’s account within 5 minutes of receiving the prize notification. Please check the “My rewards” section to use the prize.

6.5 Time, Location, and Method of Prize Determination:

– Time of prize determination: From February 5, 2024, to February 23, 2024.

– Location of prize determination: Members are determined as prize winners online and apply only to members using the SkyJoy app in Vietnam.

– Method of prize determination: The prize is displayed when the member performs the action of shaking the phone or clicking the “Shake” button on the main screen of the “Lac mai lay loc” game in the SkyJoy app.

6.6 Prize Notification:

Deadline, method of prize notification for members: The prize-winning results are announced through a pop-up screen within 5 minutes from the moment of shaking the phone or clicking the “Shake” button.

6.7 Time, Location, Method, and Procedure for Awarding Prizes:

– Location of prize awarding: At the SkyJoy app.

– Method of prize awarding: Members can receive gifts in the form of SkyPoint and/or e-vouchers directly through the SkyJoy app.

– Procedure for prize awarding: Automatic, members can check the rewards in the “My rewards” section on the SkyJoy app.

– Deadline for prize awarding: February 23, 2024.

7. Complaint Handling:

– SkyJoy only supports the resolution of member complaints within 7 working days from the end of the program.

– SkyJoy’s decision is final in all cases. Members participating commit to comply with the program regulations, refrain from complaints, or negatively impact SkyJoy in any way after the final decision.

8. Contact Information:

Please contact SkyJoy during working hours from Monday to Friday, from 8 am to 5 pm.

– Email:

– Hotline: 1900 638 380