I. Subjects eligibility to redeem Awards

  • All SkyJoy Members with accounts that are not fraudulent or suspected of cheating.
  • Members can redeem flight tickets with SkyPoints for themselves and any other passengers.

II. Type of Awards

  • Flight tickets on domestic and international regular commercial flights operated by Vietjet. Including:
    • Fixed Point Flight Ticket: is an exclusive reward ticket for Vietjet SkyJoy Members with up to 70% savings. Achieve your limitless travel dream with Fixed Point Flight Ticket which SkyJoy Members can redeem all routes, all year round on first come first serve basis. With the Fixed Point Flight ticket, Members can use a fixed number of points to redeem for commercial flights operated by Vietjet. Fixed Point are fixed for hour-base redemption.
    • Market Fare flight tickets are tickets with fares being listed in SkyPoint for flight redemption. Members can use SkyPoint earned for free as a form of discount and use SkyPoint for flight redemption when the fares are high, especially during peak seasons.
    • Member Deal flight tickets are tickets with special benefits compared to regular ticket prices at the same time. Members can easily redeem Member Deal tickets in two phases each month: The first phase starts on Wednesday of the first week and and the second phase starts on Wednesday of the third week of the month. Each phase of Member Deal tickets lasts only one week, with limited availability and priority given to early redeemers.
  • Award tickets must be booked, with a confirmed seat on the flight.

III. Redemption Channel

  • Vietjet’s website and mobile application at the section Redeem and Buy SkyPoint.
  • SkyJoy mobile  application.

IV. General regulations on redemption of SkyPoints for airline ticket

  • Members may redeem awards by deducting valid accumulated SkyPoint in the member balance account.
  • If a member does not have enough SkyPoints to redeem a Vietjet’s flight ticket, they can purchase more SkyPoints to redeem.
  • No SkyPoint shall be re-credited to the account of the member who has received an award but has not used or has only partly used them, except the cases in which the Member is unable to make the redeemed flight due to Vietjet’s error.
  • In case the Member has redeemed the award ticket but does not use it, the points used to redeem the award ticket will not be refunded to the Member’s account.
  • SkyJoy awards cannot be changed, sold, or exchanged according to the terms and conditions of the program. In the case Vietjet or GalaxyJoy detects, we will revoke the award; however, if the member still desires to receive the award, they must pay the associated fees in accordance with Vietjet’s charge schedule in effect at the time of detection.
  • The flight tickets redeemed with SkyPoints do not apply to earning SkyPoint or counting the qualified sectors for the Membership Tier.
  • When requesting to redeem flight tickets, Members need to pay taxes and fees according to the aviation authorities or other surcharges according to Vietjet. Payment of taxes and fees required by Authorities or other surcharges by Vietjet is the customer’s responsibility. The host government may directly charge an additional surcharge from passengers at international airports.
  • Members using award tickets can purchase ancillary products and services such as selecting seats, purchasing checked baggage, etc. but must pay fees according to current regulations of Vietjet. Members can buy directly on Vietjet’s website or app when redeeming or can contact Vietjet’s Call Center at 19001886 or email 19001886@vietjetair.com for assistance.
  • Members who are using award tickets are eligible to sign up for the special services that Vietjet provides during the flight, but they must pay the special service surcharge in accordance with the Vietjet’s current policies. The member should contact Vietjet’s call center via phone at 19001886 or send an email to 19001886@vietjetair.com to support adding the special  services.
  • All award tickets redeemed by SkyPoint are subject to Vietjet’s Terms and Conditions of Carriage
  • GalaxyJoy is currently unable to issue a VAT invoice for your SkyPoint purchase. In case you need any support, please contact Hotline: 1900 638 380

V. Regulations for Fixed Point tickets

    1. Flights that can be redeemed

  • Members can redeem award tickets only on flights that are still open for Fixed Point award ticket sales. Members can only redeem award tickets on flights that still offer Fixed-Point award tickets.

    2. Baggage, Tax and Fee

  • The Fixed Point award ticket includes: 1 piece of carry-on baggage 07 Kgs.
  • The Fixed Point tickets excluded tax and fee according to regulation of Vietjet and authority.

    3. The Fixed Point Ticket Redemption table

  • Fixed Point Ticket is fixed based on the flight hours
  • Members can see the details of the number of SkyPoint needed to redeem Fixed Point tickets for regular commercial routes operated by Vietjet at link.

    4. The time to request award tickets

  • Fixed Point tickets must be redeemed at least 4 hours before the flight departure time.

    5. Change of Flight: Departure date – time, Route/Journey

  • On tickets for issued awards, member can not change of flight including: departure date or departure time or journey.

    6. Changing passenger names

  • On tickets for issued awards, passenger names cannot be changed by member.

    7. Ticket class upgrades

  • Fixed Point tickets do not apply to ticket class upgrades.

    8. Regulations in case no show (The member does not come to check in)

  • In case the member does not come to check in, the redeemed award ticket will be canceled, and all SkyPoint used for redemption or cash used to buy ancillary products and services will not be refunded.

VI. Regulations for Market Fare tickets

  • The regulations for Market Fare tickets are applied according to Vietjet’s ticket type conditions chosen by members. Please refer to the details at the link

VII. Regulations for Member Deal tickets

  • The regulations for Member Deal tickets are applied according to Vietjet’s ECO ticket conditions. Please refer to the details at the link

VII. Regulations for 0 SkyPoint tickets

  • Flight routes, travel periods and booking times for 0 Skypoint tickets depend on each program. Details of the promotions will be updated on news section on website https://skyjoy.vietjetair.com/
  • The regulations for 0 SkyPoint tickets are applied according to Vietjet’s ECO ticket conditions. Please refer to the details at the link.